Newsletter March 2013 to February 2014






Welcome all and here we are into another year and we hope it to be a successful year for us in the park and rail. We are now under new Mangement and our vision is to strive ahead.

The volunteers have been working very hard to keep the park and rail going and lots have been happening in the last year and we still have more to do.




On the park side we have refitted the park shop into hobby supplies; we sell model trains, planes, boats, war hammer goods. There is also paint brushes, assortment of paints, glue and scenery goods. There are model cars big and small and we also sell second hand model trains, tracks and accessories.

There are Lucky dips for the children, ice creams, drinks and an assortment of games and puzzels.

There is a DVD and video room and we also have a libruary with an assortment of books and magazines that can be read in the room or loaned out.

On the park side we have been upgarding the gardens and trimming tree’s keeping the park mowed and tidy.

Our minature trains are running every weekend and statutory days from 10am to 4pm. There is Sir Roy our steam engine and little blue our diesel engine, also our bouncy loco castle which is enjoyed by all the children.


Our vision this year is to extend the track for the minature rail and of cause we have the maintance to maintain both track and trains.

The model room has had a big clean up and a lot of maintance has been done on the layouts and they are up and running and we also have a layout that is work in progress. The room is very popular for the enthusiasts and children and there parents.

We hold birthday parties in our park and we supply gazebos, Tables, chairs and a BBQ if required and we decorate for the occasion which is enjoyed by all.

We also had Kiwi culture day at the park on Waitangi Day the 6th February 2014, we had stalls, intertainment, games for the children, bouncy castles, our local fire services had a sausage sizzle and a kitchen display we also had the Ngongotaha motor cycle club with there Harley Davidsons giving the public rides around the park, Plunket put on a drive way display so that children and parents are aware of the dangers in driveways when backing the car, there was the local library bus selling books and had a story time, lots of food stalls and a coffee cart, the local artist did wind sock painting with the children and adults and they will be used every time that there is something on in Ngongotaha community. This was all organised by Lynn Benfell from Progress Ngongotaha and all was done so we all join as a community and we helped with the organinsing in the park and it was a great day for all.

We would like to say a very big thank you to Lynn and her team for all the hard work to make this happen.  

All that we do in our park also could not be achieved without our volunteeers. On behalf of the Trust and Management thank you.

Ann Egglestone (On behalf of the Trust and all at the park)


Rotorua Rail:


Hello to you all and welcome. The year has indeed been interesting and positive.


With the assistance of Corrections Dept. A new No 2 road has been constructed in the location where the loading and service ramp once stood. This will enable run round movements at the workshop without encroaching on the main running revenue earning lines. A set of Stub points created out of the original branch mainline Frame lever to the entrance to the Fletcher Mill at Ngongotaha. Including facing points lock and for added measure and protection a Switch Lock. The back-shunt from this point will with the inclusion of No 1 road form the boundry of the outside of the established Museum.

There has been constant work to the track and infrastructure to achieve a level acceptable to both NZTA and the External Auditor. This included the placing of 120 plus sleepers and fastenings in 7 road alone without allowing for other hidden contingencies.

On the 3rd of February, authority was granted to commence revenue operations with Motor trolleys on February 6th, Waitangi Day

Credit must go to those to who it is due and Mr Morrell deserves this in the work which resulted in a new 6 man towed trolley, a 4 man powered trolley and a two man powered trolley.

Mention must also be made of Thompsons mowers who serviced all three motors for the trolleys.                      

The Rail operation was officially opened by Councillor Charles Sturt and after those formalities were complete, trolley rides were provided gratis to some 560 plus patrons during the day.

With the creation of a Railway museum this in turn lead to a further official function and this was celebrated with the Right Honourable Tod McClay, MP for Rotorua Officially opening the Museum. 

To complete formalities, Her Worship the Mayor visited the Museum and the Rail Operation as well as other duties in the Park.

The attendance of all is appreciated as a better understanding is learned as to what the Rail Park as a whole is about. 

 The future put the Railway out into the park by crossing the embankment and parallel to the road to the present park station site.

The integration of all operating rail systems under the one umbrella as principals and standards to each gauge have much in common as operating qualifications.

With this in mind it is hoped to culminate the previous efforts and have the sixteen inch around the embankment along with the big brother.


On behalf of the Volunteers/staff, thank you for your support in making this possible. Remember!!





Murray Third (On behalf of all at the Park)


We would like to extend a big thank you to you all for your support over the years for being a friend of the Trust.  Thank you.





Posted: Tue 04 Mar 2014